How To Compliment A Girl
“How To Compliment A Girl”
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Do you know how to compliment a girl in a way that she hasn’t heard before?

In this video, I’m going to go over my most important rules you need to follow when complimenting a girl.

Here they are.

Be genuine about it, not fake. If you don’t really believe what you say, she’ll be able to tell. [0:44]

Don’t compliment her on her looks. Obvious compliments are weak, cliche, and meaningless. [1:12]

The best things to compliment a girl on are her inner qualities, personality traits, and actions. [1:42]

Never compliment a girl on her boobs, butt, or anything sexual. At first anyway, wait until later. [2:27]

When you can be genuine and authentic with your compliments, and compliment her on things other than her looks, then they will feel real to her and you won’t come off as just another guy hitting on her.

Complimenting a woman is about noticing the qualities that make her, her, and then letting her know.

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